Dedicated Elite Mortal Kombatants

We are DEMK, Dedicated Elite Mortal Kombatants, an alliance forged in the fire of war with the sole goal to have some fun! In Order to enjoy the Tournament better, establish Order, provide for the common defense, and secure the Blessings of strength and Glory for ourselves, we establish these Rules of our Battlefield.

Article I

Section I: Other Alliance policies

DEMK acknowledges that other Alliances in KoC have created strict unfair policies that restrict players from enjoying the game to its full extent. We will hold every alliance accountable for its actions, as a means of defense against their oppressive policies, according to their own policy while DEMK members are free to act within the frames of legality of the game itself with no additional rules or burdens.

Section II: Farming

DEMK is entitled to attack as much as the game mechanics allow, this age it is 10 times a day however attacks on DEMK members are limited by your own policy. If you breach your own policy then we will consider you to be a TWAT. However if a warlord deems your attacks to be for the sole purpose of harm

~~~* Definition of Twat: Twat are twats, people who beg to be sabbed through their actions. They are our sab targets. For more details look below.

~~~* Definition of Twat according to Urbandictionary: 1) A derogatory term for a person whose behavior is considered to be extremely or intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic.

"Fuck off, you twat!"

~~~* Definition of UberTwat: UberTwat are the next level of smellyness. UberTwat can never have their twattyness removed from them unless a DEMK Elder decides that they have been absolved of twatness a.k.a. guilt.

Section III: Low Hits

DEMK does not recognize Low hits, anyone who sabs a DEMK member for a low hit will enter a 1v1 with the DEMK member. As long as the 1v1 is fair DEMK will not intervene, the fairness of the match will be judged by a warlord. Both sabs and masses are allowed during a 1v1 match. Exceptions are defined in Article II.

Thou shall not be a twat and sab if we hit you just after you banked. We're super nice and gave you a few more seconds to bank because we know you suck at the game. Any sabs you will be deemed a twat!

In light of recent events, if your alliance states that sabbing for low hits counts as unprovoked sabs then we will hold you to that and you shall be deemed a TWAT if you sab on our low hits. Not that we do any low hits, we're just generous and we leave you with a bit of gold to repair cuz we're nice like that.

Section IV: Unwarranted Sabs and Masses

No person shall sabotage or mass a Kombatant of DEMK without just cause. Any violations are punishable by Law. That person is a Twat with a likelihood of becoming an UberTwat

~~~~ *Definition of Massing; several raids and/or attacks with the intent of harming a DEMK member. The DEMK warlord evaluating the situation has the final say.
~~~~*Just causes Sometimes (rarely) a DEMK member will be a twat, just causes are open to debate by DEMK Warlords but as a rule of thumb they should be: Unwarranted Sabs and/or Attacks that are directed only at harming the target with no profit.

Section V: Recruit Messages

DEMK reserves the right to recruit from other alliances, especially those who are at war with others, or those who are at war with us. DEMK promotes a close bond between officer and commander; we will consider recruiting as an infraction only when it is done systematically to try to harm DEMK or the person being sent the message considers it such an annoyance that he or she demands the sender of messages to be approved. Only the person being sent messages is entitled to ask for an approval request not the person's commander.

Section VI: Inchain Hits

DEMK encourages inchain hits however if a DEMK member asks you to hit for better gold you should follow their instructions as long as their request is sensible ( e.g. hit for at least 60 minutes gold) and stop being a douche about it.

Article II

Section I: DEMK 60minute Rule exceptions

If your attacks are so low that they can be considered as intentionally harming a DEMK member then it will treated as a mass and will be punished as such.

Section II: Annoying and/or repetitive messages

If you send an annoying message expect to be sabbed, for you are deemed a Twat. This is strictly a 1v1 issue.

DEMK members however reserve the right in extreme cases to approve over what is deemed to be "spam" messages. Cases will be looked at by warlords and elders from case to case.

Section IV: Conflict Resolution

DEMK members will deal with low-hit issues on a 1 v 1 basis. We define "low hit" according to what the opposing alliance defines "low hit". We will recognize farming only when it is inflicted upon us by alliances who have farming rules. They will be punished according to their own rules, for their rules stink, like big steamy turds.

In light of recent events, if your alliance states that sabbing for low hits counts as unprovoked sabs then we will hold you to that and you shall be deemed a TWAT if you sab on our low hits. Not that we do any low hits, we're just generous and we leave you with a bit of gold to repair cuz we're nice like that.

Article III

Section I: List of people with no bf rights.

Clause A. Chain hoppers have no rights.

*Definition of Chain Hopper - The act of being a twat then switching chains within a short period. The period is defined by the Warlord, chain hoppers don’t have rights for they don’t have honor. This clause can only be invoked by Elders after a vote, a simple majority vote will decide whether the target is a TWAT or not

Section II: Sabotage of enemy chains

When warring, if an enemy leaves chain, we reserve the right to continue Sabing of said enemy, until they join a neutral chain or the occasional alliance we <3. This section can only be invoked by Elders.

*Section 2: Revision A: Certain chains may not be included in "neutral" chain definition if they are known to be openly aggressive towards DEMK.

Purpose of our policy:

• Our main aim has always been to promote the purest version of the game with as few added rules as possible* (lol). Our policy is STRICTLY a guide as to what we at DEMK view as fair however it is NOT a list of rules, the only rules the game has are defined HERE
• We do not believe in morale extortion over “low hits” “farming” and defended attacks
• Teaching our members that the game is still fun if played as it should be.

*Well it started off like that but we had too much fun writing this shit so we added stuff. <3

Active Elders
Machine_DEMK, The-Pooh-Bear_DEMK

Active Warlords
Vegeta_DEMK, UmbrusRO_DEMK